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Blonde spoken word poetry

Blonde spoken word poetry 1

While browsing the poetry here please remember my work is primarily written in spoken word form spoken word poetry is a performance art that can sound drastically different on page than on stage its important to know that ive spent a good portion of my life fighting heroin and opiate addiction so i have written a lot of poetry about shooting heroin going through withdrawal life on the streets etc.

Blonde spoken word poetry 2

Span classnews_dtfeb 01 2018spannbsp018332sometimes the feeling of loneliness creeps up on us and its so easy to feel alone negative thoughts can really drive a person against a wall and can make i.

Blonde spoken word poetry 3

Dumb blonde written by kou_indigo kara lucielle pythiana in self poems at du poetry share poems lyrics short stories and spoken word poetry.

Blonde spoken word poetry 4

Spoken word is writing that is meant to be read out loud some examples of spoken word you might be familiar with are stories poems monologues slam poetry rap and even standup comedy when writing a spoken word piece use words and phrases that project onto the minds of the listeners like vivid images sounds actions and other sensations.

Blonde spoken word poetry 5

Best strongspoken word poemsstrong strongpoetrystrong below are the alltime best strongspoken word poemsstrong written by poets on poetrysoup these top poems in list format are the best examples of strongspoken wordstrong poems written by poetrysoup members search for strongspoken wordstrong poems articles about strongspoken wordstrong poems strongpoetrystrong blogs or anything else strongspoken wordstrong poem related using the poetrysoup search.

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When discussing spoken word poetry there is no discussion without patricia smith essentially seen as one of the founders and leaders in the spoken wordslam community she is the prime example of how to perform a persona piece.

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Some american spokenword poetry originated from the poetry of the harlem renaissance blues and the beat generation of 1960s spoken word in african american culture drew on.

Blonde spoken word poetry 8

Watch and read these three beautiful strongspoken word poetrystrong pieces about love and pain 3 scarsto the new boyfriend by rudy francisco love poem is about the things a man wants to say to his exgirlfriend and his exgirlfriends new boyfriend it talks about the uncensored thoughts and emotions you feel when you found out that the woman whom.

Blonde spoken word poetry 9

Blonde spoken word poetry

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